Learn about how women create :
Women give birth to what they want to create , they plant a seed and grow it . Men project a project , think big like a circus tent and invite people in. Women plant a seed, grow it carefully , water it and nourish it and let it grow. 

That’s the concept of resilience. We believes in being a fierce mama for what we love and seeing our business as a living, breathing organism that she needs to raise and look after much as she would a child.

We need to grow with radical resonance .
What does feel good ?
What makes good vibes swing ? 

Women manifest from the heart .With our love . What we love will grow . That is the new way of the golden Age .  




Learn about your Yogini Power
and consciousness: Your Yogini stands for the enlightened embodiment of your soul as a Feminine Leader. She is your strong, independent, wild, non – corruptible, free, fearless, radical, truthful, emotional and wise YOU.

Learn about your womb creatrix power consciousness: Where Womens power of creation lies , Our cycle is not a problem .. its the solution

Learn how to speak your truth and stand up for yourself Free your voice and change this world.

Learn how to find our own timing and rhythm And leave the circle of exhaustion.

How does the feminine create? The new feminine way

What is your own ?
What idea wants to be born out of you ?
Does this idea have radical resonance ?
Does it have consciousness ?
What feels good ?

Feel it in your body
Feel the certainty in your body when an idea wants to be born
Purpose :  Which of your Ideas that make a better world
Trust your intuition implicitly
‘Aha’ Moments of magic
Enhance and create more of those experiences
Cultivate towards listening to your intuition
Tuning into your body : Does this feel right ? The body as tuning fork.

Manifest from the heart
Your chakras receive each project
Womb creation healing

Leading your life
Sacred feminine
Finding your own
Your mystic soul
Instinct as a business navigation tool

To create a universe balances with femininity
To fill it with good vibes and energies of the feminine
Share and invite into your life and business – people that share your approach of spirality

Your SoulGathering package:

a delicious

EUR 1990 for the first 20 participants.

After the first 20 at 1990, the package is EUR 2499.

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