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Durga is the CEO and founder of the Soulgathering Society. She has a green thumb for finding hidden champions and nurturing them to bloom. She mentors rising stars and inspires new networks, because she knows the future will be transformed by rising leaders.

She is a visionary, living with one foot in the spiritual world and the other in the “real” world. Durga invites you to join her in building the parallel world that we will plug into when the old world finally becomes unstable and unsustainable.

She is currently writing a book about feminine spirality, so needed in a world and religion made by man. She also created an online program called Manifesting Your Soul: Your Soulvision for the Golden Age that helps you remember, articulate, and make real your soul’s dream for this lifetime.  

Meet Durga
Manifesting Your Soul

Durga’s #soultalks:

Durga loves to teach you,  when is the right timing and that we were your seed what want to born you  is in your body and chakras and what it means.  She shows you your personal creation rhythm and how you can see the challenges that will come to show you how powerful you are to overcome them . She gives Yogini Initiations and how to collect your power and ground yourself deeply , to stand strong.

She also will teach you a powerful manifestation ritual with high intentions .
She also know that women can change the world by dreaming it , and this we will do togetherWhere Innovation Comes From: Download your Product from Heaven 

  • Feminine Principles For business and leadership
  • Rhythm and Time
  • Self Empowerment   
  • Vision

Durga’s #soulworkshop:

During our time together at SoulGathering, Durga will lead you through a process called “Download your Product from Heaven. Make Your Innovation.” In this process, you will discover how innovation actually comes from the Akasha. 

Durga has a natural-born talent in reading the Akasha. She has been doing this work for more than 15 years, “reading” new seminars and courses in healing and new spirituality for clients all over the world. She also offers personal and business Akashic readings

Along the way she realized that everyone should be able to infuse the wisdom of the Akasha into the development of a new product or offering. She developed a set of creative tools to bring an idea, first a light pattern, into understanding. Then how to decode it and dive into the field; in other words, bringing it into form. This is a field of inspiration and curiosity. 

Receive. Collect. Deduce. Integrate.

Then every idea from heaven takes form: it becomes sound, taste, image and texture. When we read from the crystallized sensual map, our offer becomes sensual and irresistible. 

Let us create new offers together that are infused by the divine as we gather forces to share the light and have fun in the creative process!



samiel rodriegez soulgathering

Samiel Carolina Rodriguez Barros

Samiel’s work is based on a lifetime of studying the feminine. Her personal journey to fully embrace and embody her femininity in an authentic way took her from exploring diverse body work techniques to fashion and modelling, to quantum psychology, alternative therapy, energy healing and spiritual South American traditions.

As a soulful intuitive guide, teacher as well as a author and international retreat leader, Samiel brings a new light to our rapidly evolving wold. Her mission is to open safe and beautiful places for women to remember their power, magic and key leadership role in the transformation of consciousness. With her clear, passionate, no nonsense insights into the energetics of emotions, and her teachings on how to integrate spirituality and creativity into daily life in grounded and practical ways, Samiel’s private clients and retreat participants consistently report profound shifts as they transform the way they see themselves and expand their understanding of why they are here.  

Her events, retreats and sessions pioneer at the intersection of leadership, sensuality and spirituality : Samiel firmly believes that women who dare to glow their unique light will continue to lead us all into the Golden Age. 


Meet Samiel

Dare to Glow: return to your feminine essence.

“What does radical transformation entail? To become a butterfly, a caterpillar first digests itself.”

Watch Durga’s Interview with Samiel on Facebook Live!

Samiel’s #soultalk

Activate your Creatrix Powers

This SoulTalk by Samiel promises to ignite and activate the gifts and magic of the Feminine Way of Creation, that are available for you, right here and now.

Samiel’s #soulworkshop

Birthing Greater Light (or : Healing Sexual Patterns to Birth Greater Light)

Your Physical Body is the perfect vessel that you have chosen for this lifetime. Here, your Soul finds everything she needs to experience and continue her evolutionary journey. At a human level, this is sometimes not easy to embrace and integrate. Though the physical body not all experiences are pleasurable and expansive; sometimes there is pain, tension, dis-ease. Yet, understanding that the physical body is a vessel for alchemical transformation and evolution is a prime task for those of us who are committed to living fully, in love and joy, thus birthing greater light into the world. 

In this 3 hours workshop, you’ll be guided to your inner landscape to get intimate with your body, access your purest creatrix force and shape shift the way to create: your life, relationships, business…

Samiel’s #soulbodysession


In a world that praises the intellectual, claiming our body wisdom is an revolutionary act of power and love. Where numbness is frequent, we develop our sensitivity, compassion and empathy to create with love.  

We reclaim our whole selves as leaders of the future. 

We practice to reunite the yin and yang principles within us. We take full responsibility for embodying all parts of ourselves. We are powerful divine humans creating a new paradigm for all.


Unshakable trust in sisterhood and brotherhood is the way into our bright future. My commitment to birth this new paradigm led me to visit Durga in la Lumiere back in 2015. It felt as if we knew each other for lifetimes, and out of two days together we birthed with ease the #SG2015 Feminine Leader Initiated. The Soul Gatherings feel like coming home to ourselves, to our humanity and to our divinity. A wonderful place for reflection, healing and connection. To me, this is the gathering for all who want to actively create new ways. A place for visionaries, for those walking on Earth in fierce love and beauty. It’s time to gather. Thank you Durga for opening up this space.


Kristin Engvig

Founder & CEO of WINConference

Growing up on the turbulent west coast of Norway, surrounded by mountains leading to the open seas, W.I.N. founder Kristin Engvig understood at a young age how important it is for all of us to be connected, and to do something in your life that will leave the world a better place.

From Norway, Kristin knew that ‘going global’ was just the thing for her to do. So receiving her degree in Business & Marketing from Oslo’s BI School of Business, she set out to pursue her MBA at SDA Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. She has also trained as an actress and had the chance through the performing arts to research creativity and communication extensively. Her early career as an international strategy and global marketing consultant formed the foundation of what would later become W.I.N. Since then, Kristin has travelled extensively and worked with women across all continents and employed her own strategic plan toward the formation and ongoing evolution of W.I.N.

Having started out with major multinational companies like JPMorgan, Citibank and Innovation Norway, Kristin saw and felt that there was a gap in our workplaces and how we dealt with each other and the world at large. Working as a consultant with global companies, she also felt that people should be able to bring their creative sides into the workplace, too. This gap was transformed into a vision for W.I.N.: to ‘bring a more feminine, global and sustainable vision to work, communities and life’. And this vision would in turn be transformed into a platform — an annual conference to empower, develop and connect women leaders. From this early launchpad, Kristin’s vision has skyrocketed into a mission: providing a global networking and learning symposium that serves as a reference point for women working internationally in any capacity, shoulder to shoulder with organisations active in women’s leadership and diversity & inclusion.

Kristin pursues her mission throughout the year, hosting ‘mobilizing women events’ in diverse countries and holding quarterly ‘corporate networking group’ meetings where professionals meet to discuss topical issues in the corporate world. Kristin stays attuned to emerging trends that shape our world, and continually encourages women and men to live creatively, authentically so together we can all forge a sustainable future. She frequently speaks at conferences for companies and organisations all over the world and writes frequently on women’s journeys. In Kristin’s own research and “journey life” (as she calls it) and essential to her vision and being, is her passion for family, community, creativity, acting, yoga and Zen, and continuous learning.

Watch Kristin’s interview with Durga on Facebook Live!

Kristin’s #soultalk:

The Future of Leadership : Co-creative Leadership

Kristin’s #soulworkshop

Network with purpose



Shori Pircher

Shori is a psychologist, spiritual teacher and the founder and trainer of SAMA-healing. In her 20 years of experience in the fields of psychology, gestalt therapy and bodywork, family constellation work, regression therapy, energetic and spiritual healing, she always pursued the path towards completeness. This led to SAMA-healing, which is an approach to heal the deepest wounds in our soul-existence – the experience and following consequences of the cosmic war – to reconnect to our source through the awareness of belonging in a spiritual family that has given us everything we are. Finally, SAMA offers the golden matrixes of one’s own completeness, of the new relationships and of the new communities in the Golden Age. 

We collectively have forgotten what it means to live profound relationships in harmony, love and peace – relationships that support the blossom of the partner’s full divine soul-potential in his/her spiritual completeness. We have forgotten what it means to raise our children in allowing them to unfold the magnificent spiritual gifts and qualities they have incarnated with. But only then we will be able to build the Golden Age, a new world that has left the old destructive patterns behind and build a society which is based on our inherent divine qualities.

Meet Shori

Watch Shori’s interview with Durga on Facebook Live!

Shori’s #soultalk:

In my SOULTALK, I will focus on the retrieval of our long-forgotten original inner Shiva-Shakti Dance. In the SAMA healing work, I came to realize that many people have a deep inner crack between the inner Shiva and Shakti – the inner male and female principles. So many wounds have we accumulated throughout our many lives, that we can hardly trust them. They have been degenerated. However, it is possible to reconnect to the pure and holy Shiva-Shakti Dance within us and bring to life their endless joy and power in their dance of unconditional love towards each other. This is the base of the New Creation.

Shori’s #soulworkshop:

In my soulworkshop I will guide you through a reconciliation of your inner Shiva and Shakti. You will feel the beauty, vulnerability and powerful wildness of your personal and original Shakti who is the source of creation. You will find the original holy Shiva within you that is completely in tune with your Shakti, allowing to steer his strength, his ability to hold the space where creation can happen, enabling his potentials of bringing the chaotic Shakti energies into a structure so they can manifest in life. You will make peace with both of them and allow them to dance their wild and powerful inner Tango – out of endless confidence, unconditional love and support of each other.


I passionately believe that we can build a new world of unconditional love and abundant prosperity, of friendship and togetherness – a new paradise, naturally formed according to our “divine soul-plans.” Durga Holzhauser is the perfect modern visionary. She rides the tiger on this path and brings together the right people. I am so much looking forward to merging our synergies, that will magically fill our sails with a strong breeze.



Ines Festini

Ines Festini is a health alchemist, speaker, yogini and the founder of Body By Conscious Design. She helps ambitious and stressed-out goddesses to reset their health, get back in shape and nourish their bodies by their individual design.

It’s her personal mission to help women unleash their healthiest self so that they can play full out, step into their power and share their unique gifts with the world. She truly believes that we’re all here to live up to our highest potential and to live our most blissful lives, but in order to do that, we need to take care of our own selves FIRST.

She developed a revolutionary Body By Conscious Design model which integrates the power of our consciousness and allows a holistic transformation from the inside out – with ease and flow.

She’s famous for her 20-minute efficiency workouts and supports women all over the world via Skype to kick-start their training routine, start eating the smart way and reconnect with their bodies. It’s all about loving the body you have, while creating the body you want.

Meet Ines

Watch Durga’s Interview with Ines on Facebook Live!

Ines’ #soultalk:

Body by Conscious Design 

Ines’ #soulworkshop

  • The concept of self-care and why it matters
  • How to eat according to your own body type and what it means for YOU
  • How to unleash your inner warrior by training in the most effective way (especially if you’re constantly short on time or don’t like to go to the gym)
  • The exact workout structure and type of exercises I use with my clients
  • How to get started & how to stay on track 

Ines’ #soulbodysession:

My 5 top exercises for waking up our overall system and supercharge your day + 20 min workout session 

Rise – The importance of having a morning routine! It’s the little things we do on a day to day basis that have the biggest impact and the potential to massively change our life to the better. If you’d like to have more energy throughout the day, feel more at ease and be more successful, it’s time to start your day the right way. The reason is actually pretty simple: When you master your morning, you master your day and ultimately your life. Afterward workout with Ines Festini’s 20-minute efficiency-workout to awake the warrior goddess within you. 


I’m honored and very grateful to be part of this soulvision and circle of powerful and game-changing women. Together we rise. Together we’re able to create magic in a much more powerful and gentle way. Durga is one of my soul friends, a warrior goddess, a kindred spirit and I’m grateful to be at her side at this very particular and exciting time. 



Hannah Mang

Words create worlds. Ever since I was a kid, I loved to talk. Communicate. Connect through the power of language. A barrier for many, I see language and words as a way for us to bring grace, beauty, laughter and love into the world.

I’m a professional copywriter and entrepreneur and I’ve been using the power of the written word to connect others online since 2013. I write, teach and speak with passion (and a tad of humor, of course), on a mission to spread love, joy, abundance and purposefully create our world.

In a previous life I was a lawyer and used the power of the word in a very different context. In my final year of law school, I realized I didn’t want to be a part of a society that deals with arguments, fights and confrontation on a daily basis. I yearned for more meaning in my life, so I started my business while I was still a student at age 25. I was blessed to be very successful from the start, quit my jobs at both the law firm and court and took off to travel the world as a digital nomad. (Literally writing this as I sit on my terrace in Thailand).

My focus is on capturing people’s essence in the written word and creating authentic communication that connects.

Hannah’s #soultalk: 

Your Word Is Your Wand – How To Use Communication to Build Bridges and Create Win-Wins

Hannah’s #soulworkshop:

A sacred journaling journey into consciously creating your world


Durga is my soul sister and part of my inner circle of friends. I love everything she does and we support each other in bringing our soul visions to life. I’ve been to Soulgatherings before and I love connecting, teaching and simply being part of this group of amazing souls who come together to create magic in the South of France.



Sun Ya Fischer

Since childhood Sun Ya was motivated by one thought: to create more and more beauty so that people could really touch, feel and experience its awe. What drives her is the renaissance of the beautiful in a world that is lacking its healing effect.

Sun Ya’s inner girl was awakened and knew when watching the night sky that we are all connected and that bliss is what unites us, when we allow spaces that heal us.

She believes that there is a treasure in every man and woman, we just have to re-ignite it and let it shine again.

Akasha Sacred is her answer to this quest and she created it for you.

In order to do this she followed her vision with powerful devotion. She gave up the life she knew and started from nothing, diving into the purity of the beauty that was lost. This is how she grew the world of Akasha Healing Essences and Sacred Beauty.

She says, “I call it sacred, for it elevates our souls.
Not a beauty that is outside.
But the inner radiance of our essence.”

For her it was ever more, as each creme, each elixir goes through her own hands. She loves to go to laboratories, searching for and discovering the best essential oils in the most hidden places in this world. When she touches the purest natural ingredients that radiate light, she says that she is home.  

A strong interest burning inside of her lead Sun Ya to manifest a line of pure, organic, spiritually and energetically-charged cosmetics, creating a new path to beauty. To use spiritual energy within cosmetics to bring you in contact with your true self.

Meet Sun Ya

Watch Durga’s Interview with Sun Ya on Facebook Live!

Sun Ya’s #soulday

Sacred Beauty

You will never forget the “Sacred Beauty Day.” The scents of nature-made textures. Masks that brighten up your skin to radiant and Chi boost for every cell. Take it home for every day use. Anti-aging and 100% organic.

“For you I will create a temple of beauty, a holy space. With my nature-cosmetics you will dive deep into relaxation and let the beauty of your soul be awakened. My holy rituals and wisdom will prepare the way for you to open up to your heaven, and your chakras will shine in their soul-qualities.”


For me it is so great to meet fascinating women from all over the world. It gives me a lot of pleasure and inspires me. And Durga is a wonderful friend and soul. I love her and her ideas. She is always creating something new, a beautiful visionary and trendsetter.



Irma Roksen Lulu

Irma studied cinematography, acting and scriptwriting. She made her first feature movie at 22 at school as the scriptwriter and the main character.  She has acted in many series for Turkish television. As a life-long dancer, she has done many kinds of dance modalities, teaching mostly flamenco. Recently she has retuned to her roots, to trauma healing through acting and sacred dance to remind people of their own sacred dances on earth.

Irma’s #soultalk 


Irma’s soultalk is about using acting for transforming trauma. We seek to understand the causes of our trauma, replacing it with empathy and even realization of what and why this was needed in one’s soul journey. We let go of blaming other people and appreciate all that has ever happened to us, as painful and awful as it may have been, to see the miracle behind it. We meet the new peaceful person we are deep inside.

Irma’s #soulworkshop

Using acting techniques we will analyze the characters that caused our traumas and find the exact person we have deep inside. We will see that we too could do what that person has done to us. Meet the new peaceful person we are deep inside.


Durga is a visionary creative free-soul teacher whom I trust, love and respect. Deep from my heart and through soul gatherings, she launches sparkles of the new world where we will share with each other love, joy and healing. I feel honored to already be part of what we are here on earth for.



Roko Noyan Babatasi

Roko graduated from Communication Faculty Cinema in Turkey with a double major in TV and Advertising. He worked in fine arts photography education afterwards as a creative director and wrote advertising copy. Later he continued his career as a fashion and advertising photographer. For the last decade he has been working as a film director. He is also a practicing Zen therapist.

Meet Roko:

Roko’s #soultalk

About a New Man

Roko will introduce you to a new generation of mankind who finds peace in the feminine as a source of creative power. Without any limitations of the world, the new masculinity is a witness of creation without old habits, allowing sharing of beauty and powerful connection. 

Roko’s #soulworkshop

Body and soul balancing Zen technique through the meridians for emptying the mind, to create our soul image, to heal. 


I appreciate Dear Durga inviting me to join the Soulgathering program. Durga is great teacher and creative leader, and I trust her vision. Also I believe that new spirituality goes beyond temples and ashrams. Creativity is the way to share lovingly and change the world as a part of god’s will.



Nohila Driever

Nohila is a spiritual teacher, a networking soul and inspiration source. She believes that when any one of us is connection with their inner guidance, we create a life out of a divine flow that serves everybody. If everybody is in connection to his inner wisdom, this world will be rich and full of boundless love and beauty. We are the ones that create this new world and everything we need is inside us. We only need to listen and to dare to act upon what we feel inside.

Nohila began working as a spiritual teacher at age 20, when she has created several trainings to connect people with their inner guidance. In her “Create your Soulbusiness” trainings she teaches how to create a business out of your soul. She trains Conscious Coaches who learn to lead out of unity. She is founder of the Creation Circles, spaces where people meet and inspire each other to life their potential. 

She lives in Frankfurt, is mother of a 2 year old son, and inspires people from everywhere.

Meet Nohila

Watch Durga’s interview with Nohila on Facebook Live

Nohila’s #soultalk:

Creating in a feminine flow

Nohila’s #soulworkshop:

Creating the new out of yourself


“I love to be where the new is born. I love to connect with people and to create together. The Soulgathering is a space where all this happens and I am looking forward to that.”



Kaja Otto

Kaja Otto is the foundress of the Modern Wisdom School and creatrix of the feminine way. She is a soul-seismograph and wisdom-restorer. Based on her belief that fulfillment is the key to freedom and prosperity, Kaja works with women worldwide in realigning their lives & businesses.

After struggling for years as perfectionist, workaholic and emotional eater, she found her own personal fulfillment. Today she helps her clients to find their own through private coaching, online courses and sisterhood circles.

Kaja does not believe in “either/or,” but “more of,” and lights up women through her unique blend of Western knowledge and Eastern knowing; through a mix of traditional rituals with innovative processes. She believes that now is the time for women to reconnect to their brilliance and live their light.

Kaja holds a diploma of Educational Science from Bielefeld University, Germany and studied at University of Philadelphia, USA. She is a certified NLP Master, wingwave Coach, Work Health Balance Coach and Mental Coach. Kaja is an ordained Priestess, Reiki Master, Chakra Diagnostician and Aura-Healer. She also is certified in EFT, and trained in constellation work, a proud Spiritjunkie Masterclass alumna, and RHH Business School graduate. She spent thousands of hours meditating in various surroundings and is an official Magic Word trainer. Kaja resides in Hamburg, Germany.

Meet Kaja
@kajaotto on all social media

Watch Durga’s interview with Kaja on Facebook Live

Kaja’s #soultalk :

Intuition – the compass that will guide you to your North Star

Kaja’s #soulworkshop:

Intuition as your earthquake-proven tool to happiness & success


It is time for us to gather again, to come and sit with each other from all directions. Having the soulgathering in the South of France feels like coming home – it brings back memories from another time.

And I believe this is what it somehow is – a homecoming for all of us. And by joining the same circle we spark the remembering. Visions are rememberings of the future. I cannot wait to create it with all the amazing souls in La Lumiére. 


Lhasara Heike Mück

Lhasara Heike Mück aquired medical knowledge during nursing training, in different doctor’s practices and in a hospital. For ten years now she has followed her calling as a holistic practitioner and healer in her own practice. She specializes in craniosacral therapy and homeopathy combined with her own unique method of healing (www.energieheilpraxis-rottenburg.de).

As a child Lhasa already knew that a person is much more than his physical appearance. Body, spirit and soul are one. She says, “I myself experienced what it means to be this oneness. I had deep insights in and beyond my trainings and I was able to heal myself. Where we are not in contact with our selves and when we do not give ourselves the space to be who we are in the different areas of our lives, our physical body talks to us through symptoms and diseases. Then we do not fully acknowledge and live our qualities and strengths.

Lhasara’s vision is to help people to get back into harmony with themselves so that they are able to live exactly this from their hearts.

Meet Lhasara

Watch Durga’s interview with Lhasara on Facebook Live

Lhasara’s #soulworkshop:

Recognize signals and messages of your body


Durga creates a wonderful network on many different levels with her great idea. When she asked me to take part as a speaker, my heart was rejoicing, because this is how I see my vision come true: The vision that all humans are connected with themselves and their love to a degree that they are able to experience the unity of body, spirit and soul – healing on all levels.