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Durga is the CEO and founder of the Soulgathering Society. She has a green thumb for finding hidden champions and nurturing them to bloom. She mentors rising stars and inspires new networks, because she knows the future will be transformed by rising leaders.

She is a visionary, living with one foot in the spiritual world and the other in the “real” world. Durga invites you to join her in building the parallel world that we will plug into when the old world finally becomes unstable and unsustainable.

She is currently writing a book about feminine spirality, so needed in a world and religion made by man. She also created an online program called Manifesting Your Soul: Your Soulvision for the Golden Age that helps you remember, articulate, and make real your soul’s dream for this lifetime.  

Meet Durga
Manifesting Your Soul

Durga’s #soultalks:

Durga loves to teach you,  when is the right timing and that we were your seed what want to born you  is in your body and chakras and what it means.  She shows you your personal creation rhythm and how you can see the challenges that will come to show you how powerful you are to overcome them . She gives Yogini Initiations and how to collect your power and ground yourself deeply , to stand strong.

She also will teach you a powerful manifestation ritual with high intentions .
She also know that women can change the world by dreaming it , and this we will do togetherWhere Innovation Comes From: Download your Product from Heaven 

Durga’s #soulworkshop:

  • Feminine Principles For business and leadership
    Women give birth to what they want to create. We plant a seed, grow it carefully , water it, nourish it and let it grow. We will learn how to apply this concept of resilience to business and leadership
  • Rhythm and Time
    Everything has a right time and our soul can feel it and knows it. We will learn how can we follow the timing of our soul so we nourish our lives and prevent burnout?
  • Self Empowerment   
    Your Yogini stands for the enlightened embodiment of your soul as a Feminine Leader. She is your strong, independent, wild, non – corruptible, free, fearless, radical, truthful, emotional and wise YOU. Learn to know her, and build a relationship with your empowered soul.
  • Vision
    The greatest power women have is their imagination, vision and dreams. We will collective use this power and built a visions temple, to envision the future for this world .


samiel rodriegez soulgathering

Samiel Carolina Rodriguez Barros

Samiel’s work is based on a lifetime of studying the feminine. Her personal journey to fully embrace and embody her femininity in an authentic way took her from exploring diverse body work techniques to fashion and modelling, to quantum psychology, alternative therapy, energy healing and spiritual South American traditions.

As a soulful intuitive guide, teacher as well as a author and international retreat leader, Samiel brings a new light to our rapidly evolving wold. Her mission is to open safe and beautiful places for women to remember their power, magic and key leadership role in the transformation of consciousness. With her clear, passionate, no nonsense insights into the energetics of emotions, and her teachings on how to integrate spirituality and creativity into daily life in grounded and practical ways, Samiel’s private clients and retreat participants consistently report profound shifts as they transform the way they see themselves and expand their understanding of why they are here.  

Her events, retreats and sessions pioneer at the intersection of leadership, sensuality and spirituality : Samiel firmly believes that women who dare to glow their unique light will continue to lead us all into the Golden Age. 


Meet Samiel

Dare to Glow: return to your feminine essence.

“What does radical transformation entail? To become a butterfly, a caterpillar first digests itself.”

Watch Durga’s Interview with Samiel on Facebook Live!

Samiel’s #soultalk

Activate your Creatrix Powers

This SoulTalk by Samiel promises to ignite and activate the gifts and magic of the Feminine Way of Creation, that are available for you, right here and now.

Samiel’s #soulworkshop

Birthing Greater Light (or : Healing Sexual Patterns to Birth Greater Light)

Your Physical Body is the perfect vessel that you have chosen for this lifetime. Here, your Soul finds everything she needs to experience and continue her evolutionary journey. At a human level, this is sometimes not easy to embrace and integrate. Though the physical body not all experiences are pleasurable and expansive; sometimes there is pain, tension, dis-ease. Yet, understanding that the physical body is a vessel for alchemical transformation and evolution is a prime task for those of us who are committed to living fully, in love and joy, thus birthing greater light into the world. 

In this 3 hours workshop, you’ll be guided to your inner landscape to get intimate with your body, access your purest creatrix force and shape shift the way to create: your life, relationships, business…

Samiel’s #soulbodysession


In a world that praises the intellectual, claiming our body wisdom is an revolutionary act of power and love. Where numbness is frequent, we develop our sensitivity, compassion and empathy to create with love.  

We reclaim our whole selves as leaders of the future. 

We practice to reunite the yin and yang principles within us. We take full responsibility for embodying all parts of ourselves. We are powerful divine humans creating a new paradigm for all.


Unshakable trust in sisterhood and brotherhood is the way into our bright future. My commitment to birth this new paradigm led me to visit Durga in la Lumiere back in 2015. It felt as if we knew each other for lifetimes, and out of two days together we birthed with ease the #SG2015 Feminine Leader Initiated. The Soul Gatherings feel like coming home to ourselves, to our humanity and to our divinity. A wonderful place for reflection, healing and connection. To me, this is the gathering for all who want to actively create new ways. A place for visionaries, for those walking on Earth in fierce love and beauty. It’s time to gather. Thank you Durga for opening up this space.

Nohila Driever

Nohila is a spiritual teacher, a networking soul and inspiration source. She believes that when any one of us is connection with their inner guidance, we create a life out of a divine flow that serves everybody. If everybody is in connection to his inner wisdom, this world will be rich and full of boundless love and beauty. We are the ones that create this new world and everything we need is inside us. We only need to listen and to dare to act upon what we feel inside.

Nohila began working as a spiritual teacher at age 20, when she has created several trainings to connect people with their inner guidance. In her “Create your Soulbusiness” trainings she teaches how to create a business out of your soul. She trains Conscious Coaches who learn to lead out of unity. She is founder of the Creation Circles, spaces where people meet and inspire each other to life their potential. 

She lives in Frankfurt, is mother of a 2 year old son, and inspires people from everywhere.

Meet Nohila

Watch Durga’s interview with Nohila on Facebook Live

Nohila’s #soultalk:

Creating in a feminine flow

Nohila’s #soulworkshop:

Creating the new out of yourself


“I love to be where the new is born. I love to connect with people and to create together. The Soulgathering is a space where all this happens and I am looking forward to that.”