Hear the buzz?
It’s tribal.

The tribal archetypes are

#inspiredleader, #mysticvisionary, #worldchanger, #cosmicnomad, #spiritualactivist, #luminaire, #saintretired, #spiritualenvironmentalist, #mundanetrendsetter, #lovinggypsy, #troublemaker, #revolutionary, #earthsaver, #treehugger, #poet, #idealist, #guru, #dreamer, #thinker, #leaderwithvision, #nonconformist, #rebornone, #artist, #stargazer, #soulstylist, #wellnesswarrior, #trailblazer, #firespitter, #master… #you

It’s not for you
if your heart does not sing aloud.

What’s your #soulstyle? The list includes #cosmicnomad, #poet, #treehugger, #nonconformist, #stargazer, and so many more.

#Soulstyle is definitely not for you if your heart does not sing aloud. But if it does…

The #SOULGATHERING lifestyle is about a new simplicity, new incarnations, and the poetry of contradictions. Interested?

With intention and confidence, find your #soulstyle and embark on your soul’s mission. That’s my greatest wish for you.

I’m opening my home and my table for 5 days to a select group of visionaries. All #soulstyle archetypes are welcome. Will you join?

The #soulgathering lifestyle

The new simplicity
The #SOULGATHERING lifestyle is about choosing what you really care about, what has meaning to you. Making no compromises about the things you know are great and good. It’s confident. It’s intentional. It’s #soulstyle with satisfaction.

We are new incarnations.
Together we create a new world generation from the ground up. We are social: where culture and foods meet the conversation starts.

Poetry, poetry, poetry and contradictions
Beneath the signature of a tree and absolute poetic nature.
We combine luxury with scruffiness, elegance with gruffness, organic with high-tech, into a new, unplanned, spontaneous order.

The bohemian life
We live a semi-nomadic existence with gypsy freedom and the glamour of jet set world travelers. Our meeting point is the hot spot of the hipsters where the revolution of love is made real.

Patchwork influences
Find us tapping away on our Macbooks amid nature, in tents under the stars. We represent the sophistication of global people.

Epic gratitude
We unite beliefs in the future and in communion.

Are you on fire?
Are you the flame?
Help us to spread the news.

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Each #SOULGATHERING is a conscious composition of people and spirit in action. Join us.

It happens under the stars. Great intentions are dreamed. We create outside of our body. #SOULGATHERING

Celebrities from heaven: this is your calling to join us this June under the stars in the South of France. #SOULGATHERING

The #SOULGATHERING is my answer for the things to come. 4 days of inspiration, luxurious pampering and daring visionaries.

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This summer, you are invited to my table together with a small circle of visionaries. Mutually, permanently, we change one another. We make it real under the sky and amid the fertility of South France.

We must create new vocations that unite spirituality and the mundane life.
We crave new incarnations.
So we gather together to inspire small revolutions.
All we have to do is to create space for beauty, joy, freedom, love and passion.
The soul gatherings are my answer for the things to come.

Each #SOULGATHERING is a conscious composition of people and spirit in action. Learn more about how we dare to inspire a bold new future together.

We spring up over 4 days for inspiration between the dimensions.
We honor our nomadic cravings and our freedom of creation.
We bring together; we create new layers. We blend what previously seemed contradictory, always surfing between dimensions… possibly finding a new one.
Will you join us?