What Past Participants Say About The Soulgathering


Ines Festini

– Hannah Mang

Durga has a special talent in creating events that feel beautifully prepared and yet allow for flexibility when required. Both as a participant in the gathering and presenter of masterminds I thoroughly enjoyed being nurtured by high quality, tasty, organic food and a beautiful environment that allowed for connection and wisdom to center deep within me. I look forward to witnessing the Soul Gatherings expanding into the world and achieve the resultant change of a thriving sustainable World for all. 

Ute Lambrecht


It’s hard to articulate and capture in words the depth of this experience. There are so many elements: sacred space, beauty, authenticity, soul purpose, honesty, dancing, meditation, body mapping. Personal sharing together and so much more.

I so appreciated how the presenters flowed effortlessly (or so it seemed) in and out throughout the weekend SHINING with such beaty and grace. Each is wise, wild, and incredibly talented…. not to mention fun! 

I so enjoyed the non-judgemental space that was created together. I felt so comfortable, relaxed, inspired, playful and embraced. 

– Mary Garvey Horst

Something very special was created! I came with two not very-well formed intentions: to discover and connect with my divine feminine so that I can do what I am here to do; and to collect my energy and get closer to ready to launch my social enterprise. I had no idea whether either one made sense or would find echoes in the SoulGatherings. Wow! It was transformational and carried me very far into both intentions. I have an idea of how to start and a very clear idea of why this is what I must do and how it reflects the divinity within me that I wish to share. Thank you, Durga! Thank you to all of my new Sister-souls/Soul sisters! You all ROCK! And the food was awesome!

– Clarisse Morgan 

Meeting all of these inspiring female leaders was truly empowering. I trust and believe that events and people like that will change the world – both certainty changed myself during these four days already. 

– Katharina Mohr

The Soul Gathering was an inspiring and powerful experience – both on an individual and a collective level. Unique women from all across the globe bought their skills and strengths together into masterminds, meditations, exercises, talks and created a visionary movement. I’ll go home centered, re-connected and strong. 

– Hannah Lisa Mang

Thank you for collecting all that wonderful women. For me it was a big and surprising opportunity to share the work, the ideas, the hope and the visions these women have in their heart. Though that, a lot of parts of my soul have been re-recognized by myself. Now I am able to gather my soul together to more wholeness and start to lie it, embedded in a network of women who always help me to remember.

– Gaja

If you are searching for a gathering of women who are awake and willing to open up their potential in their heart and go in front to lead mankind. A never ending flow of love, creativity and free self-expression. A powerful workshop that guides you to awaken female leadership. You will find it at The Soulgathering. 

– Sarah LeFleur

Being in this magical place, surrounded by beauty and loving, soulful people, nourished exquisite food, and inspired by powerful ideas and rituals, I feel reconnected to my own center and my own magic. I was divinely led here and I am grateful.

– Ann Moller


If you are searching for something or even not – any way – you’ll just find in La Lumiere. With Durga you have the most inspiring, uncompromising and heart-warming companion you could wish for. 

I come every year to La Lumiere to Durga and Parasi. There I go “in exams”: What are the central topics private & professional? What are the right next steps?
Conversations with Durga, which are ALWAYS valuable, rest in the meditation, lovingly pampered in the Nature Spa o with the most delicious dishes from Spriridon’s magic kitchen, and each time a pinch of unexpectedness. All this makes me find the right answers. “Fueled” – in every respect – I go back home and put into action.
#Thesoulgathering has a wonderful format for it!

– Amara Manu Weigel

This was my first time in an ashram ever. This was my first time to teach a workshop outside of my comfort zone, my home studio. I was blown away by the community of women, the love, and support I had. I’m grateful to be part of this.

Here is what I have grown in my spiritual garden since I came to la Lumiere.
I planted seeds of trust and learning to let go of perfection (yes my workshop got challenged by a newborn baby and a unusual heat)
I got inspired to get re-acquainted with my spiritual practice (even if some days this is a very minimalist approach to it).
I surrounded myself with beauty, laugh, inspirational talks and amazing food 
I immersed myself in the beauty of an ever-expanding, compassionate, non-judgmental, non-competitive, women’s circle and the wisdom that comes within.
– The bond we formed at la Lumiere is still alive months after. We all cheer, connect, check, engage, help thanks to that invisible thread that we’ve woven at la Lumiere.

As for me, since June I build up enough confidence to step in my own power and add a new string to my bow by becoming a Desire Map facilitator and daring to now call myself a Creative Lamplighter when people ask me what I do. I am no longer only a mixed media artist who happens to teach classes and lead workshops on my home studio. I now am a creative soul who helps women shine their light brighter: I am a Creative Lamplighter. And La Lumiere showed me the way back home.

  1. Community Love
  2. So detail orientated. I love it. Everything
  3. is bathed in beauty & healing energy
  4. Rituals & Food

– Celyn-Lila Nicholson

I’m finding that using words don’t begin to describe my experience here at La Lumiere. It was close to a week of complete beauty, inspiration, wholeheartedness, freedom, laughter, creativity, and love. I have never felt something like this and know fully as a woman, mother, creative, advocate, life and business owner that it is necessary to operate in the most effective and living way I can.

– Erin Giles

The Soul Gathering was soul touching, heart opening, amazingly beautiful experience.
I am truly happy to be able to participate and meet incredible people from different parts of the world. Durga you are a true visionary by creating such magic for everyone to enjoy and experience. The last 5 days I have been on a magical and mystical voyage that touched all of my senses; emotional, spiritual, intellectual, beauty from people and of course the most amazing food. 

– Elena Bensonoff

I love to think about our time together in la lumiere at the soul gathering. It was just an amazing time together with beautiful, wise and inspiring women. It was a very healing time in this sacred space on such a healing place. This year for me the soulgathering was the starter for the finishing of my homepage www.raum-gefuehl.com;  worked on it for a long time and after the soulgathering it was a good time to manifest me and my work. It was a really great firestarter for my next steps. It was very helpful to be connected deeply with women who are thinking and living with a similar spirit and go with their flow of life!!! I thank you so much dear durga for the initiation of such a wonderful and unique event! I’d love to see you next time in this very sacred space 🙂

 Aliana Devi Michaela Schafferer 


I brought the lunch table from La Lumiere. A mad effort to go through every week, find recipes, shopping, prepare the table, put the room. … and above all not to lose or to find me, to feel, uhhhhhhhh not easy, with all the excitement. And now a year later, I can feel more differentiated and feel what it means to “stay with me”.

Then the group exhibition in my studio. I have often not understood in La Lumiere, Durga’s reflections, objections to all the plans and preparations. For me the “group concept” was totally clear. And with my next exhibition preparation: dong. Now I know what Durga was talking about, what the input meant to me. I was so well prepared by what happened then that everything happened, that I could go through there quickly and that can work quite pragmatically. Lovely. I used to be crumbling around. ;))).

 Ranasa Karmen Vracun