Announcing Soulgathering Exclusive 2015:

Re-unite with your soulvision.
Awaken as a leader.
Declare your manifesto.

September 3 to 6, 2015
In La Lumiere, South France

We gather to raise our powerful souls and begin our spiritual revolution. In the midst of these chaotic times we are ready to give birth to the new.

Are you ready to dream without frontiers and transform your big vision into your mission here in this world?

Then it’s time to remember your soul dream and walk into your realization.

Are you ready to lead?

Every great leader needs to connect with other visionary leaders to unfold her true purpose, to define her life goals with soul and to inspire the future through her big picture vision.

At SoulGathering Exclusive we come together under the glistening stars of South France for 4 days to reconnect to our soulvision and create pure purpose. Evolved souls meet and mirror their greatest qualities, beyond power plays. We shift into new perspectives and build temples out of our visions for this world.

4 days of realization
4 days of purpose and inspiration
4 days of pure living and mutual fructification
4 days of owning your revolutionary spirituality


The SoulGathering is for you if:

You know you are a future leader
and you are searching for your life’s calling. If you have the feeling that you are here for a reason but do not know how to access it.

You are already a leader but you long for your future evolved self.
You are successful and have reached a certain level of prosperity, but your bigger vision is still missing to bind everything together.

Your life is forcing you to wake up and lead.
iIf your life is falling apart, and you need the visions that will save you.

We connect leaders like you with their purpose.


So now we invite 12 noble souls into our Society of Noble Friendships.

We are building our network. We are the tribe of visionaries. We are the women who improve the world, honor the earth and foster a good life of more love and peace.

We need beauty and spirituality that embraces us for who we are and what we are.

We want to go deeper. Using a new language, we want to know the deeper dimension of our souls.

We want to gather.

We celebrate our individuality.

We remember and experience what deeper meaning is in our life.


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Could this be you, kindred spirit?

Then let us ask you these questions:
Is your soul longing to…

KNOW YOUR SOULVISION? We’ll find answers to the questions of who are you and why are you here. We will help you decipher: this is your calling. We are part of a collective dream we all dreamed in heaven. Stepping into your soul dream takes you back to the global net of light workers you came from. You are part of a new society and the collective dream of a new earth. Knowing this will change human society and spirituality.

EXPERIENCE A POWERFUL SHIFT? Inspiration is the language of the soul. It’s the power that feeds you to keep going. What you need is a new spirituality that inspires your modern life and doesn’t make you small instead. You will learn to shine your light without rules and restrictions.

KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO LIVE FROM THE FEMININE SOURCE? The step into it is to remember when your dreamed your live in heaven. There you felt it, you owned it, you were one with it. You knew.

CONNECT WITH SOUL SISTERS? Your soul sisters await you in La Lumière with open arms and open minds. We will inspire each other, support and uplift each other and together we will create temples out of our visions for the future.

BE PART OF A POWERFUL COMMUNITY OF WORLD-CHANGERS? You are tired of political imperialism and religious dogma. You are ready to set the pyres to burn all memories and unite. You are strong alone but you are 100 times more powerful in a network.

BE LUXURIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH LIFE? Together we will celebrate life to the fullest. We will dine under the stars, gather around my table and change and inspire one another. Here, we make it real. We gather as souls but we also nourish and indulge our bodies.


Pioneers like you are so needed in this world. And we are inviting you to gather around our table.


wellness retreat soulgatheringworkshop soulgatheringsalon soulgathering

Come, join us. You can expect:

  • personal guidance and support to find the courage to live your dream from Heaven
  • star buckets of inspiration that give you the wings you need to soar higher than ever before
  • to know your purpose, remember your dream from Heaven so that you can live it in this world
  • spiritual power tools for your daily connectedness so that you feel energized and revitalized every single day
  • Body-Mapping exercises to uncover inner blocks that keep you stuck and hold you back from living your vision
  • Individual tools tailored to your specific needs that will get you unstuck immediately and liberate your feminine essence
  • mutual fructification to take your vision to an even greater level and improve the world
  • the power that feeds you to continue on your mission even when you want to give up
  • rituals that inspire your body, mind and soul
  • to experience powerful shifts that will will change your life and the lives of those you serve
  • soul connections that last lifetimes and uplift your spirit to a new dimension
  • meditations that heal you and connect you with the divine source and to a clear picture of your big vision and the steps you need to take to realize it
  • think tanks where you come together with other bright souls to mastermind, envision and create
  • to build a temple together made out of your unique art that communicates your big vision and plant the seed in the physical world
  • to become a member of a life-long, worldwide network of noble souls that works together to inspire the future
Want to know more about our time together?
Click here to read the daily schedule of events.

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Meet the Visionaries who will be your guides.

durga holzhauser soulgathering
Durga helps you to remember your soul-vision. When you unite what you dreamed in heaven, the bigger vision will guide you into leadership.

emmanuelle linard soulgathering
Emmanuelle Linard offers her future archetypes of feminine leaders. Let her seduce you into her world and initiate your creative value.

samiel rodriegez soulgathering
Samiel Rodriguez Barros represents the Guatemalan Grandmothers’ wisdom of women’s key role in these times. She leads us to “Dare to Glow” our feminine essence.

ute lambrecht soulgathering
Ute Lambrecht connects you with your inner wisdom and widens your perspective on what is possible in the soul mastermind circles.

Click here to read our luminaries’ extended bios.


Listen, dear one.

The most amazing things happen when we come together.
The best ideas are born in nature, while cooking and in spirit’s freedom.
The greatest miracles are all unplanned.
We must create new vocations that unite spirituality and the mundane life.
We crave new incarnations.
We need to inspire our future.

This is our heart project. We will be there with you and we will show you how to remember your soul dream, your life purpose and your vision from Heaven.

You are done being powerful all alone.
You are strong on your own but you know that you are an unstoppable force when you are supported, uplifted and inspired by your soul sisters and family.

Let us gather in the south of France.
Dine under the stars.
Meditate together.
Cook together in La Lumière’s kitchen.
Put our minds together in think tanks to shape our mission that improves the world.
Build handmade temples out of our visions and plant the seeds for the future.

I believe that when we live our soul purpose, the world will change simply because we will understand that we are keepers of the Earth and guardians of a peaceful, happy society.

Let’s gather to make it real.


September 3 to 6, 2015
In La Lumiere, South France

Program begins at 4pm on September 3rd
and ends at 4pm on September 6th.


Your SoulGathering package:

EUR 2145 (USD $2323)

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Payment Details

Tuition must be paid in one full, non-refundable payment. We invite you to step into your wholly committed leader of the future. We fully believe in you.

Tuition does not include:
Hotel, airfare, and land transportations.

We are happy to help coordinate you with other participants to share rooms and transportation if you desire.

Click here for a list of our favorite accommodations, which are 10 minutes away from La Lumiere.

If you have questions please contact us