durga holzhauser


“I cannot stop revolutionizing spirituality and freeing it from its dusty, old layers. I fall in love with world changers, revolutionaries, earth-savers, tree huggers, idealists, dreamers, thinkers, visionary leaders, nonconformists, artists, stargazers, trailblazers, fire spitters, Masters, Gurus and all who see things differently.“

My soul purpose is to bring forth a new spirituality. I am a spiritual leader for other women leaders.

My story, in brief:

I worked for years as a creative director, and at the same time I had many mystic experiences. Finally my experiences led me to India, where I found my spiritual home. Fifteen years ago, I founded La Lumiere, a modern ashram. People joined from all over the world.

Three years ago, after a decade and a half of teaching spiritual workshops, reading the Akasha and teaching Feng Shui and ACC spiritual consultants, a higher calling arrived.

I woke up knowing:
I am here to wake up feminine leaders.
Our time has come to save this world.
We are ready.

I am a #mysticvisionary.
I talk to the spiritual world and get my answers directly, cleanly. I have walked with Jesus and committed it all to memory. You can read my story here.

I am a #cosmicnomad.
My world is a compilation of Indian Gods and Goddesses mixed with crazy love for Jesus and a dance with Buddha wisdom. The name Durga was given to me by Agni, and was also a name used for me by Baba and other Indian Saints. In my night dreams I dance wildly in gold with Durga’s ten arms, which I wish I had in my daily life. I can imagine being able to iron and type on the computer and perform martial arts at the same time.

I am a #spiritualactivist.
I built La Lumière, my ashram, to revolutionize spirituality. I see and smell energies, read the Akasha and crave a renaissance of sacred timing and sacred space. I believe we must bring spirituality out of the ashrams and into daily life, business, politics and economics.

I am a #saintretired.
Saints are for the church. I am wildly in love with our life on earth. Let us infuse the sensual into the divine.

I am a #spiritualenvironmentalist.
My secret passions are dragonlines of the landscapes and between people, sacred geometry and Feng Shui (the real one, the ancient one). I wrote a book about all this: Nine Masterschools of Feng Shui. I love to hang out with other earth-healing guerrilla fighters.

I am a #mundanetrendsetter.
I deeply honor what we consider mundane and take for granted: a deep sense of style and color, joyful happiness for celebrating life. I want to manifest fairs and festivals of nature and traditional ways of living.

I am a #lovinggypsy.
I have water roots; I embrace the fire.

Let me show you how to remember your soul dream and the vision you dreamed in heaven.
Let me lead you to remember who you are and why you are here.
Let me gift you with a life-changing experience amongst your soul family.
Let us rebuild our community.

Together we will take your vision from Heaven and turn it into your mission on Earth. We do this so that you can live your vision in this life and live it to the fullest.