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It’s all about people. It’s all about you.

It started with a few brave ideas.

The most amazing things happen when we come together.
The greatest miracles are unplanned.
We must create new vocations that unite spirituality and the mundane life.
We crave new incarnations.
We need to inspire our future.

So we gather together to inspire small revolutions.
All we have to do is to create space for beauty, joy, freedom, love and passion.
The soul gatherings are my answer for the things to come.


Innovative gatherings for celebrities from heaven

We spring up over 5 days for inspiration between the dimensions.
We honor our nomadic cravings and our freedom of creation.
We bring together; we create new layers. We blend what previously seemed contradictory, always surfing between dimensions… possibly finding a new one.

Small gatherings are powerful.

I collect Visionaries around my table and mutually, permanently, we change one another.
Here, we make it real.

Each #SOULGATHERING is unique.

Each #SOULGATHERING brings together a group of world changers with a new mindset.

The future fabric

This is a world where anything can happen.
 We trust that miracles are natural.
Each #SOULGATHERING considers a piece of life that is organic, sustainable and futuristic.

We talk about: spiritual and earthbound leadership, Shiva Shakti balance, this world environment, organic food,
 sustainable movements, green money and futuristic think tanks, ways that art will heal this world, ways to revive old traditions and handmade lives.

Why organic?
 When we buy organic food we stimulate the market for its demand. 
You see, we have the power to change the market, and in so doing we support mother earth and the devas.

We support: local farming as a future solution, guerrilla farmers of wild ideas, visionaries changing the mind’s desires, spiritual activists, healers for our environment and all good ideas that make sense for a better world.

The #SOULGATHERING is conscious composition of people and spirit in action.

#SOULGATHERINGS take place each June and September.

It happens under the stars.
Great intentions are dreamed.

We create outside of our body.
Under the sky and amid the fertility of South France.

We cook together.
We make art.

We eat together.
We talk about whatever comes up,
The future is born spontaneously.

A view on Zeitgeist.
We inspire the Future.

We come from different cultures.
We come from different directions.

Each #SOULGATHERING is a mark of love and new way of sharing love.

“Not everything that can be counted counts
And not everything that counts can be counted.”
– William Bruce Cameron

Dust off your gods.
Decide to change the world.
Do it the way you want to do it.
We are working for a higher aim.
We are made of stuff for greatness.
The beauty of the beauty is the beauty.
Oceans will be created by the sacred heart.

We begin with the uncountable …

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June 7 – 11, 2014:
The feminine leader initiated


#SOULGATHERINGS take place in June and September.


Hi, I am Durga.

I have a fire under my butt. I cannot stop revolutionizing spirituality and freeing it from dusty layers. I fall in love with world changers, revolutionaries, earth-savers, tree huggers, idealists, dreamers, thinkers, visionary leaders, nonconformists, artists, stargazers, trailblazers, fire spitters, Masters, Gurus and all who see things differently.

I am the Lady of the salon and idea maker at the beginning of #SOULGATHERINGS with celebrities from heaven and world domination fetishists.

Be my guest and inspire the world.

I am a #mysticvisionary.

My creative fire
I talk to the spiritual world and get my answers directly. And it’s not dirty. I have walked with Jesus and memorized it all. You can read my story here.

I am a #cosmicnomad.

My Lifestyle
My world is a compilation of Indian Gods and Goddesses mixed with a crazy love for Jesus and a dance with the wisdom of Buddha. My name Durga was given to me by Agni, a name used for me also by Baba and other Indian Saints. In my night dreams I am dancing wildly in gold with her ten arms that I wish I had in my daily life. I can imagine being able to iron and type on the computer and perform martial arts at the same time.

I am a #spiritualactivist.

My Passion
I built La Lumière, my ashram, to revolutionize spirituality. I see and smell energies, read the Akasha and crave renaissance of the sacred for timing and space. I believe we must bring spirituality out of the ashrams into the daily life, business, politics and economics.

I am a #saintretired.

My Opinion
Saints are for the church. I am wild in love with our life on earth. Infuse the sensual into the divine.

I am a #spiritualevironmentalist.

My World view
My secret passions are dragonlines of the landscapes and between people, sacred geometry and Feng Shui (the real one, the ancient one). I wrote a book about all this: Nine Masterschools of Feng Shui. I love to hang out with earth-healing guerilla fighters.

I am a #mundanetrendsetter.

My creative power
In honor of we consider mundane and take for granted – a deep sense of style and color, a joyful happiness celebrating life – I want to manifest fairs and festivals of nature and traditional ways of living.

I am a #lovinggypsy.

My spiritual hardcore path
I have water roots; I embrace the fire.

Durga’s #soultalk:

The feminine leader initiated

A spirituality made by women.
Harness feminine leadership for today’s world challenges.

Durga’s #soulartday:

#bodymapping your feminine leadership

Embody your soul’s purpose. Discover the sacred signs in your aura and your leadership qualities’ archetype. Express them and the universal Force will reveal your missions. Add the feminine, cultivate your inner world and color your sacred inner landscape. Then lead the outer world with fierceness.

I inspire
business bliss and revolutionary spirituality, a new relationship with God. I shaped my own religion and founded La Lumière based on conversations with my guides from the spiritual world. I am memoirist of Jesus’ real stories.

I invite visionaries
to unite their vision with heaven.

I am a visionary
I walk on earth. I walk in heaven. I am half light and half matter.

Why I picked the #SOULGATHERING vision from heaven:
I want to inspire the future beyond conference tables and conference halls.

Meet me here:

wild love