Announcing Soulgathering Exclusive 2018:
October 11 – 14, 2018
In La Lumiere, South France 


Are you a feminine LEADER? 
STRUCTURES that burn you out?
Have you lost your INNER FIRE? 
If you answered YES then the Soul Gathering is for you. Over four days we will explore how to re-ignite the feminine leader within you. Learning practical tools and techniques to give you clarity on what you’re passionate about, what will fulfill you and what your strengths are so you can maximize your full potential. 

Join the Soulgathering Society. Introduce yourself to this like-minded community in the spirit of connecting and becoming a pioneer of change.

Feminine Principles for business and leadership

Women give birth to what they want to create. We plant a seed, grow it carefully , water it, nourish it and let it grow. We will learn how to apply this concept of resilience to business and leadership

Rhythm and Time

Everything has a right time and our soul can feel it and knows it. We will learn how can we follow the timing of our soul so we nourish our lives and prevent burnout?

Self Empowerment and Exploring your Yogini

Your Yogini stands for the enlightened embodiment of your soul as a Feminine Leader. She is your strong, independent, wild, non – corruptible, free, fearless, radical, truthful, emotional and wise YOU. Learn to know her, and build a relationship with your empowered soul.


The greatest power women have is their imagination, vision and dreams. We will collective use this power and built a visions temple, to envision the future for this world.


Are you READY to return to your soul and what yours and become a FORCEFIELD AS A UNIVERSAL FEMALE?
Are you READY to stand in your power and EMBODY YOUR BRILLIANCE?
We need your bold, BRAVE HEART.
All past participants call the Soulgathering a life-changing event that moves them toward living their dream.

Expect a magical, connected and transformative EXPERIENCE

“Whatever you feel like you can’t do, community is the resource you’re lacking.”
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Join us at the Soulgathering and you will experience…

  • 4 speakers, each offering each offering 15 minutes of Ted Talk-style wisdom to stir your soul, mind and body
  • 6 3-hour workshops to dive deeper into the embodiment of your soul’s energy and connect your powerful spirit with your body and mind
  • 3 30-minute bodywork sessions to love, nourish and strengthen your body, the sacred home of your essence
  • Delicious 3 course meals every day breakfast (vegan & gluten free), lunch and dinner
  • A magical dinner experience under the glistening night sky of South France with your newly discovered soul family
  • Our exclusive Yogini and Yogi festival where you get to unleash your inner God/dess, enhance your beauty with delightful costumes and celebrate life with your tribe
  • The divine bazaar where you get to explore the delicious, nourishing creations of our fellow soul gatherers and immerse yourself in a culinary adventure
  • a community of like-minded people, meaningful connections and relationships that go beyond your skin (instead of the same old isolation and loneliness)
  • clarity on your what idea wants to be born out of you , … and what the hell to do with it once you KNOW
  • being in the energetic space that provokes healing and transformation while you’re dancing, enjoying yourself and having fun in these magical surroundings (without you having to do the hard work)
  • a safe container to express, share and release whilst being seen and heard by kindred spirits
  • creative expression in every sense of the word, through dance, painting, using your voice, writing and moving in a state of bliss and flow
  • peace, tranquility, serenity and the exact amount of stillness you need to focus within, truly connect and receive your inner guidance and wisdom

Your SoulGathering package:
a delicious
EUR 1990 for the first 20 participants.
After the first 20 at 1990, the package is EUR 2499.

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We call this the Golden Age, because a great birth is upon us. The new world of business and leadership require you in your wholeness. There is a lot of work to do and we are the ones who have to do it. And that’s why we opened the first Soulgathering, to bring together the people who are pioneers of the Golden Age.

The first Soulgathering was held with 5 people in 2014 and has grown each year. The second gathered 12 international souls, the third with 19 powerful women leaders and in 2017 it was 35. Now we move forward and germinate the seeds of a new society. 

RETURN to your soul in our RECONNECT our with your and SOUL?


Think bigger

a delicious

EUR 1990 for the first 20 participants.

After the first 20, the package is EUR 2499.

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Courage and commitment do not come from
strong-arming yourself into them.

Courage and commitment come from
knowing that we are not alone.

This circle, this mandala,
is absolutely essential.
Being with kindred spirits
supplies our power.

The Soulgathering is an opportunity to nourish the paradigm shift that matters to you.  

For those who shake off the status quo and dream of venturing out, beyond, into something totally new. 

We create fertile cooperation. We are the medicine of healing for the world. And we are unafraid to speak it, to create it, to do it.

For those who want to plug into a grid, a network of pioneers who are already turned on. 


Womens power is to image the future in order to become true. Together we a visions temple , and send it into the world . 


Learn about the Workshops and Visionaries lighting your way forward.

Durga loves to teach you,  when is the right timing and that we were your seed what want to born you  is in your body and chakras and what it means.  She shows you your personal creation rhythm and how you can see the challenges that will come to show you how powerful you are to overcome them . She gives Yogini Initiations and how to collect your power and ground yourself deeply , to stand strong.


Birthing Greater Light (or : Healing Sexual Patterns to Birth Greater Light). Return to your divine human essence with Samiel Carolina. When you recognize your power, magic and beauty, you are ready to show up as the creator of your own life.



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Creating the New Out of Yourself. Learn to listen more deeply to your inner wisdom, a source from which we can create. Nohila leads us in connecting with ourselves so everything we do, becomes a mirror of our soul. She is a visionary for living and guiding your life out of your inner wisdom.



Click here to read our luminaries’ extended bios.

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Come, join us. You get:

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Want to know more about food from Tatie Carotte?

Tatie Carotte is organic and local vegetables and fruits, lunch boxes that change, delicious and creative cuisine that does good, a mini food truck and… good. Just good.”

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October 11 – 14, 2018
In La Lumiere, South France

Program begins at 2pm on October 11
and ends at 2:30pm on October 14.

Payment Details

Tuition must be paid in one full, non-refundable payment. We invite you to step into your wholly committed leader of the future. We fully believe in you.

Tuition does not include:
Hotel, airfare, and land transportations.

We are happy to help coordinate you with other participants to share rooms and transportation if you desire.

Click here for a list of our favorite accommodations, which are 10 minutes away from La Lumiere.

If you have questions that aren’t answered below please contact us